View all articles on mission “Go and make disciples of all nations…”  (Matthew 28:18) If you are a disciple of Jesus Christ, then these are your marching orders.  We cannot become the kind of “Christians” that support overseas missions with their checkbooks while neglecting the mission in our own towns.  If you need to rekindle your … Continue reading Mission

Day 28: Example

Would you like to read Ed’s story for yourself? You can buy his amazing book, “Repentance” here: Repentance Book Ready to go from world missions to the mission in your city?  Check out my newest book and its companion website for ministry leaders! How To Be A Missionary In Your Hometown HometownMissionary.com Also, “Radical” by … Continue reading Day 28: Example

Day 26: Special

Check out the latest mission news from our fellowship of churches: ICOC HotNews Go to the Church Locator and find the churches you support with your special missions contribution.  Look through their websites and pray for them. International Churches of Christ European Edition: Donate To Special Missions African Edition: Be inspired by testimonies from the … Continue reading Day 26: Special

Day 23: Reliance

Be inspired by the young men and women who take One Year Challenges after graduating from college each year.  Could you imagine putting your life on hold to live the mission?  This One Year Challenge page is super inspiring: One Year Challenge    

Day 21: Unfinished

Did you do today’s missions math?  Please comment below or post to our Facebook page with where you live and how much work there is to do in your city.  Read through previous comments and posts and pray for each city. Pray and dream about bringing salvation to your area as you watch this video: … Continue reading Day 21: Unfinished

Day 20: First Love

Here’s a challenging story from a sister from Kenya: Trusting God in Want and Plenty If today’s passage wasn’t inspiring enough then maybe LeCrae can convince you: Send Me, I’ll Go

Day 7: God’s

Take a tour of the African Churches of Christ: Johannesburg Church of Christ The 12 countries of Southern Africa Now, take a tour of 16 children’s rooms from around the world and count your blessings: Children’s Living Conditions European Edition: A Christianity Today article about the high cost of being a Christian in Turkey 

Family Devotionals

Gaining perspective and conviction on wealth is a family affair. Use these devotionals from Passport To The Land Of Enough to inspire your family with God’s word and fun activities. Week One: Perspective Sing  Have each child choose a song. Opener  Have each family member go get their favorite toy/possession.  Talk about why they like it.  … Continue reading Family Devotionals

Ministry Leaders

Landofenough.com, Passport To The Land Of Enough, and Passport: European and African Editions are great resources for raising international and local missions funds when combined with an effective campaign.  To maximize impact for your ministry we have provided a detailed 5 week campaign built around the Passport To The Land Of Enough and the European Edition. … Continue reading Ministry Leaders

More Or Less?

Passport to the Land of Enough is a 30 day devotional book about Christian simplicity and mission designed to be more than a good read.  It calls every reader to action.  Get your copy here. Near the end of Proverbs there is a collection of sayings by a man named Agur.  His attitude toward wealth … Continue reading More Or Less?