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What does God think about what we have?

Conviction, whether it comes from the word of a judge or the word of God, is not pleasant. Yet, it leads societies and individuals to a pleasant peace that can only be obtained by a painfully honest look at the truth.

This is gonna hurt, a lot.   I turn the channel every time those commercials come on with the pictures of hurting children.  I know that hurting people are out there and I’d prefer to keep them out there.  I don’t want to let them into my thinking or my heart.  But unfortunately, I cannot conveniently dismiss the poor of the world because it’s really God’s world and his word tells me that I cannot ignore.  (James 5:4-5) Please look over the articles on perspective before you attempt to build the conviction found in this section.  To build conviction we will take the information from the perspective articles and look at what the scriptures say about people who have what we have.  Wealth is not sinful but it can lead to many sins.  This week we will learn about how we can turn our wealth into a blessing instead of a curse.  So, with budgets in hand and perspective in our hearts, let’s dive into the word of God!

View all articles on CONVICTION