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Landofenough.comPassport To The Land Of Enough, and Passport: European and African Editions are great resources for raising international and local missions funds when combined with an effective campaign.  To maximize impact for your ministry we have provided a detailed 5 week campaign built around the Passport To The Land Of Enough and the European Edition.

Churches that have followed this campaign have raised 130% to 150% over their special missions goals. The books will pay for themselves in increased special missions giving and weekly contribution because this is not just some program. The Passport To The Land Of Enough is designed to create true and necessary heart change. A great side benefit of heart change happens to be a more giving congregation. The Ministry Leader’s Guide is intended to walk you through a month focused on Christian simplicity and giving.


The campaign materials provided include:

– A leader’s guide

– Multiple sermon notes, sermon audio, and powerpoint presentations for each Sunday and Midweek service

– Tips for effective and exciting communication throughout the five weeks to keep people engaged

– Support via email and Facebook

– All of this is free!


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