Family Devotionals

Gaining perspective and conviction on wealth is a family affair. Use these devotionals from Passport To The Land Of Enough to inspire your family with God’s word and fun activities.

Week One: Perspective

Sing  Have each child choose a song.

Opener  Have each family member go get their favorite toy/possession.  Talk about why they like it.  How would they feel if it was gone?

Scripture  Matthew 6:25-34

Discuss  Have a brief, age appropriate talk.  What are some ways that our family is rich? In what ways do you worry about your wealth and possessions? What do you wish we had?  What does it look like to seek his kingdom and righteousness first?

Activity  Spend the rest of the night in one room in your house. Eat and sleep there on the floor. Play games and talk. Imagine what it would have been like to live in the times of Jesus.  Talk to your children about the most important things: God and family.

Game  Play board games together in your one room.



Week Two: Conviction


Scripture  Deuteronomy 6:1-19

Discuss  Read through the passage and discuss.  Talk to your children about how you make your money and what you spend your money on (fun!). Show them what a budget is. Obviously this discussion needs to be tailored for their ages. Is there any possession that you take for granted?

Activity  Have each family member choose their favorite plate, bowl, cup and utensils. This will be the only dishes used by the family for the week.

Game  What’s missing? Take turns having each family member go into a room and take an item away. Let the rest of the family go in and try to figure out what’s missing. Do we  have so much stuff that we don’t even recognize when things are missing?

Pray  Pray a prayer of gratitude for all that God has blessed your family with.


Week Three: Boundaries


Scripture  Joshua 1:7

Discuss  What does it mean to be careful to obey God? What would turning to the right or to the left look like? Is there any practice that your family has that is not on track with God?  Humbly ask your children what they think.  Talk about important boundaries you have set for your family.

Activity  Have everyone draw a picture of a straight path. On each side of the path write or draw things that can derail us.

Game  Take turns trying to find each other with blindfolds on. Put obstacles in the way and have the family yell “right” and “left” to keep people from hitting the obstacles. Have some people being a good voice and others give false information.



Week Four: Mission


Scripture  Jeremiah 20:9, Luke 19:1-10

Activity  Buy some candy or something sweet.  Start eating the candy right out of the bag without sharing any.  Groan and say things like, “This is so good!”

Discuss  While still chewing on the candy start to ask your family questions about how it makes them feel when you don’t share.  After a little while give them candy of their own and ask if it makes them happy.  While they are enjoying their candy ask them if heaven is better than candy.  Talk about how we must share our faith and the everlasting joy it brings to the Zaccheus’ in our lives.

Craft  Make invitations to church or an outreach event using paper, crayons and candy.  Tape the candy to the invitation and write creative lines like “Come see how sweet God is.”  Make a list of friends to share your faith and your candy with.



Week Five: Celebration


Scripture  Acts 3:19

Discuss  Recap the lessons you’ve learned this month. Talk about how you gave to world missions or charity and how that money will help God’s kingdom. Ask the question: What does it mean to be refreshed?

Activity  Have a refreshment challenge. Pour a big glass of icy lemonade or soda and make a bowl of ice cream. Have each person in your family taste test and decide which is more refreshing on a hot day. Talk about the results of your family survey.

Game  In celebration of a sacrificial month, have a dance party. To make it into a game you can judge each other. The winner is the one whose dancing is the most refreshing!



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