Day 2: Basics

Today we’re focusing on food and shelter.  The link below is an eye-opening slideshow that shows how people around the world fill their cupboards.  Where would you or your family fit in?

Hungry Planet: What The World Eats

Next you can look at the housing standards in different parts of the world.  Could you imagine being born into a slum?

The Places We Live

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5 thoughts on “Day 2: Basics

  1. Very humbling to explore the places others live, especially India and Indonesia. However, I already knew most of the world survives on a vegetarian diet. It makes me want to learn how to survive on less expensive food.

  2. This is especially thought provoking. I only think about eating as most of the world does, when I want to eat healthy. I honestly never considered a true vegetarian, no sugar diet, as an only choice for my family. This is really humbling for me.

  3. These photos are humbling! We simply eat too much in the US. Look at the problems we now have with obesity, and diabetes. Showing restraint is biblical and an important virtue. It would be great to see us, a church become known for our spirituality but also for our discipline and restrained eating habits. I spend more on one cup of coffee at Starbucks than a family in Chad spends a week for their entire family. We are so very blessed. We can’t lose sight and grow cold in our appreciation of this blessing. Barrington, Illinois

    • Thanks for your humility John! It’s amazing how overspending and overeating/indulging double our trouble. We pay a great price to become more unhealthy and then we often pay a gym to try and get healthy again! I often find myself in this very cycle.

  4. I feel almost sick to my stomach at the amount my family spends on food, and the amount of food we have in our home for just our family. I wish we could all get on the same page with a plan for doing with less moving forward. Maybe these lessons will get us there!

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